James Whitt Owner Driver

James was in the US Army for 24 years Retired in 2005. He started driving commercial size vehicles at the age of 17. After retirement I moved to this area to care for my parents.  Started driving busses at 21 and limousines at 30. Now 55 and seeing a need for elegant transportation at a reasonable price started Affordable Luxury. We are a Veteran led and a Christian based company. 

Walter Miller driver

Walter has over 30 years experience in commercial vehicles.  He has a flawless driving record.  Very friendly people person. He will make you feel like Royalty. Walter attends Greater Miracles Worship center along with James Whitt.  

Jamal Curry driver

Jamal  is a local man from Andalusia.  He does it all car sales funeral home active member of his church and a great limousine driver. He is a gentleman and will treat you like Royalty.  Safe courteous and reliable. 

Cedric Williams driver

Cedrick is very professional and courteous.  He is from the Andalusia area and involved with law enforcement funeral homes a Pastor and an awesome limousine driver.  He will get you where you need to be in style.

Martha Whitt

Martha Whitt from the Dominican republic now a US citizen is co owner, office manager. She has been married to James for 7 years. He helps to ensure the limousines stay elegant. Has been involved with marketing for more that 15 years.